1. This warranty covers Airsoft airguns purchased and checked for quality by Airsoft Club.
  2. All Airsoft airguns are fully tested before shipment to ensure proper and smooth operation.
  3. Covers products that have been sold and are stamped by Airsoft Club at the date of purchase.
  4. The warranty period is set at (12) months for all Airsoft airguns. The goodwill guaranteed by the company automatically ceases to apply if the damage comes from the buyer’s fault, poor maintenance, obvious signs of breach. The final decision for a warranty or not is the technical department.

Details are covered:

  1. Construction problems in exterior and interior parts
  2. Incorrect operation from factory setting or grouting

Details are not covered:

  1. Physiological wear and tear due to use
  2. Solution and repair, maintenance by an unauthorized technician
  3. Faults or broken points due to user negligence (eg drop)
  4. Damage from misuse
  5. Damage from poor quality BB
  6. Apparent signs of violation
  7. Valves
  8. Batteries
  9. Magazines

Freight Fee:

  1. For shipment to and from service, the products are covered by a 7-day trial period and proper after-market operation. In case of factory failure and only, the customer is entitled (within 7 days) to remittance and return of the product free of charge.
  2. During the 7-day period (only for Greece) the shipment will be shipped ONLY with the courier company “Geniki Taxydromiki” use of any other courier will charge the customer.
  3. Upon completion of the 7 days (including damage and warranty), the customer will be charged for shipping and returning the product and with a company or service of his choice.
  4. In the event of a user harming the weapon and within the 7-day trial period, the warranty expires and the shipping charges are charged to the customer (shipment and return).