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AK short Nozzle(19.75mm) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy)

SHS-GT0023SHS- Super Shooter (Hong Kong) 9.00

AK short Nozzle(19.75mm) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy) (Copy)

SHS-GT0077SHS- Super Shooter (Hong Kong) 9.00

V7 CNC Aluminum Cylinder Head

SQG06044Airsoft Club (Greece) 7.00

G36 CNC Aluminum Cylinder Head with O ring

SQG04042Airsoft Club (Greece) 7.00

V3 CNC Aluminum Cylinder Head

SQG02040Airsoft Club (Greece) 6.00

V2 / V3 CNC Aluminum Cylinder Head

SQG01039Airsoft Club (Greece) 6.00

CNC Aluminum Cylinder Head for Ver 2&3

SQG07137Airsoft Club (Greece) 7.00

AK Cylinder head long type

SHS-GT0026SHS- Super Shooter (Hong Kong) 9.00

Cylinder head for M14

SHS-GT0011SHS- Super Shooter (Hong Kong) 9.00

Cylinder Head Ver. III (Plastic)

GG-G-10-078G&G Armament (Taiwan) 10.00

Cylinder Head Ver. II (Plastic)

GG-G-10-077G&G Armament (Taiwan) 10.00

Cylinder Head For GR25

GG-G-10-060G&G Armament (Taiwan) 9.00

Bore-Up Cylinder Head For Ver.3

MDF-GU-04-13Modify (Taiwan) 23.00

Bore-Up Cylinder Head For CA AUG

MDF-GU-04-03Modify (Taiwan) 23.00

Ultra Cylinder Head for Ver.3

IN0737Element (China) 6.00

Next-Gen (V9 Gearbox) Cylinder Head

SHS-GT0081SHS- Super Shooter (Hong Kong) 12.00

Cylinder Head for L85 (Metal)

G-10-086G&G Armament (Taiwan) 20.00

Cylinder Head for GR25 (Metal – Ver.II)

G-10-066-1G&G Armament (Taiwan) 20.00

AK Cylinder head (AKMP5KFAL)

SHS-GT0014SHS- Super Shooter (Hong Kong) 9.00

M4 Cylinder head

SHS-GT0028SHS- Super Shooter (Hong Kong) 9.00