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E36 MID-CAP Magazine 70rds

BX-608BBATTLEAXE (Hong Kong) 9.00

E36 Mag With Fake Bullets 50R

BI-G-02DBoys (China) 10.00

E36 Mag 130R

BI-G-06DBoys (China) 10.00

E36 Low Cap Mag With Fake Bullets 50R

UFC-MG-27DBoys (China) 10.00

E36 95R Mag

KA-MAG-05-VKing Arms (Hong Kong) 10.00

E36 Sound control Electric Double Magazine w/charger (1000 Rounds)

BA556BATTLEAXE (Hong Kong) 47.00

E36 2500 Sound Control Electric Drum Magazine w/charger

BA554BATTLEAXE (Hong Kong) 38.00

E36 Flash Magazine 370 rds

BD4246MIC (China) 15.00

E36 130rds mid-cap magazine

CM-M009CYMA (China) 10.00

E36 450rds magazine

CM-M010CYMA (China) 10.00

E36C-CA36C 50 Round Low-Cap Magazine

TM-G36C-MAG-MIDTokyo Marui (Japan) 26.00

G3 MID-CAP (ABS) 82rds Magazine

BX-609-BKBATTLEAXE (Hong Kong) 7.00

SL8 E36 Short 20rd magazine

JG-SL8-MAGJing Gong (China) 6.00

E36 470rd magazine

JG-G36-MAGJing Gong (China) 8.00

G3/T3 500rd magazine

JG-G3-MAGJing Gong (China) 11.00

3000 Rds Electric Magazine for E36 ( Sound Control )

G-04DBoys (China) 49.00

E36 mid-cap (110 Rd)

BI-G36MIDDBoys (China) 9.00

E36C-CA36C 470 Round Hi-Cap Magazine

TM-G36C-MAG-HIGHTokyo Marui (Japan) 35.00

G3 500 Round Hi-Cap Magazine

TM-G3A3/A4-MAG-HIGHTokyo Marui (Japan) 40.00

G3 70 Round Low-Cap Magazine

TM-G3A3/A4-MAG-MIDTokyo Marui (Japan) 23.00