M4 Style Red / Green Dot Sight & Red Laser Sight (BK)

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Element (China)

Το προϊόν αποστέλλεται άμεσα με Courier.

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‧Metal & Plastic construction
‧Dot assists shooter to aim and shoot quicker and more accurate
‧Dot sight provides better field of view
‧5 levels of red / green dot brightness adjustment
‧Optic can be zeroed (dot matches where the BB hit the target)
‧Laser sight can be zeroed (laser point matches where the BB hit the target)
‧Plastic flip-up lens dust cover at the front and the back of the sight
‧Optic powered by ONE CR2032 battery
‧Laser sight powered by ONE CR123 battery
‧Attach to 20mm Picatinny rail

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