Jing Gong (China)

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What we have here is the all new and inspiring JG3000, essentially a FAL Carbine AEG that offers a very solid build quality. This model gives you the feel of a full length FAL with the standard sized rear stock and large FAL body, however the front end has been shortened to be able to be manoeuvred a lot easier in tighter quarters. Perfect for those that are trying to replicate a true British Falklands war load out. The body is constructed out of a metal alloy, very sturdy to the touch giving it a very solid and realistic feel. Mount any sort of optic on top with the full metal rail system provided.

Overall Length 845mm
Weight (Including Battery)2960g
Barrel Length 335mm
Magazine Capacity 500rds
Velocity(use 0.2g 6mm BB bullet)350-380FPS
Battery(NiMh) 8.4V, 1100mAh
Remark Blow back

Battery and charger included

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