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CA003P 285.00 225.00

SAR Offizier M41 FS

CA011M 340.00 265.00

For M15A4 & A2 Rifle

P106M 21.00

For M15A4 Carbine

P104M 21.00

CA33E Stock with wiring

A093P 38.00

Magazine For AK Series (150Rd)

P186M 16.00

Magazine For CA33 (330Rd)

P323M 28.00

Magazine For G36C (50Rd) – Standard

P113P 14.00

Magazine For M14 (470Rd)

P329M 29.00

Air Nozzle For MC51

P146P 7.00

Air Nozzle For PSG 1

P143P 7.00

Stainless Steel 6.04mm High Precision Inner Barrel For FA MAS SV

P304M 29.00

7mm Oily Steel Bushing

P058M 8.00

Cylinder Set For AK Series

P152M 65.00

Cylinder Set For AUG Series

P154M 52.00

Cylinder Set For G3 Series

P153M 65.00

Cylinder Set For G36 Series

P151M 52.00

7mm Metal Bearing Gear Box For Version III

A063M 40.00

Safety Switch For M15 series

P099P 6.00

G36 Tappet Plate

P160P 8.00