CP Field Tactical Pants - Multicam

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EmersonGear (Hong Kong)

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Tactical overalls design are considered particularly intense activity-based executives, so the moving parts especially through widening the scope of activities and reinforcing the ability to handle the heat, the friction coefficient between the body and the fabric to a minimum.

Parts of a hidden knee pad insert spaces (pads and give distribution), you can make special operations in the knee to get effective protection.

Quick-drying, scratch plaid fabric to bring you fresh and comfortable feeling, so you can be at the surface special operations effectively guaranteed.
Multiple multifunction pocket design, Velcro locking speed and efficient way, pick up convenient, can be arbitrarily placed personal items, such as maps and other big-ticket items such as a more versatile bag can be placed in a large part of being left thigh, safe.

· Designed for special tactical operations, the popular all-terrain camouflage Multi-cam design
· 2 front pockets hidden front thigh
· 2 side thigh pocket with buttons
· There is a Velcro pocket on the right thigh, can be placed reflective logo stickers · 2 button rear pockets
· Relatively slim pants, put on is very spiritual
· BDU-style button locking crotch structure
· Knee position has hidden padded knee space (comes with a soft pad)
· Belt position 2 side have a D buckle

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Κατασκευαστής EmersonGear (Hong Kong)
Χρώμα Multicam
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