Established in 1995, RA-Tech has been a longstanding designer and manufacturer of high quality Airsoft upgrade parts and accessories.


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RA Universal Joint Tool

RA-A009 20.00

RA NPAS adjust tool

RA-A012 8.00

RA Recoil spring Hard (3.3KG)

RAG-WE-002 13.00

RA TECH WE firing pin base( For SCAR M4 M16 T91)

RAG-WE-009 33.00

RA TECH WE Valve Locker ( For SCAR M4 M16 T91)

RAG-WE-010 26.00

RA WE steel CNC trigger

RAG-WE-020 33.00

RA WE steel CNC sear

RAG-WE-021 16.00

RA WE steel CNC hammer

RAG-WE-022 39.00

RA WE complete trigger box

RAG-WE-025 140.00

RA NPAS KIT (For WE Open Bolt system)

RAG-WE-026 20.00


RAG-WE-039 7.00

RA WE AK steel CNC trigger

RAG-WE-073 40.00

RA WE AK steel CNC hammer

RAG-WE-074 33.00

RA WE AK steel CNC sear

RAG-WE-075 20.00

RA WE AK steel CNC firing pin

RAG-WE-076 16.00

RA WE AK steel CNC Valve Locker

RAG-WE-077 20.00

RA Dynamic Spring System for WE AK GBB

RAG-WE-085 50.00

RA CNC steel Nozzle Guide for WE GBB M4 (Open Bolt system)

RAG-WE-092 22.00

RA Bolt Stop For WE M4 GBB Series

RAG-WE-105 16.00

RA Aluminum nozzle with tool Adjust NPAS set (SCAR)

RAG-WE-122 110.00