CYMA is among the oldest, most experienced and the largest Airsoft manufacturing facility in the world. Known for their unmatched quality control and professionalism, CYMA is selected to be the OEM of a vast amount of Airsoft products. Durability and performance meets affordability!

Βλέπετε 1–20 απο 455 αποτέλεσματα

AK47 Beta Spetsnaz

CM-CM037 135.00

AK scope mount

CM-C39 15.00

MP5 low profile mount

CM-C45 10.00

MP5 Metal mag HI-CAP 260rd

CM-C46 8.00

G18C original magazine

CM-C26 8.00

100rd Magazine for G18C AEP (Long Magazine)

CM-C27 8.00

AK standard mag(150 rounds)

CM-C88 10.00

AK standard mag(150 rounds)

CM-C89-BN 10.00

MP5 metal standard mag (120rounds)

CM-C78 10.00

Rail for G18C AEP

CM-C29 10.00

MP5 Removeable Rail Handguard Foregrip w/Outer Barrel

CM-C43 28.00

Tactical RIS Hand Guard For AK74

CM-C79 19.00

AK Folding Front Grip (Black)

CM-C16 8.00

AK47 standard mag (150rounds)

CM-C71 11.00


CM-CM028S 145.00


CM-CM032A 190.00

G36 450rds magazine

CM-M010 10.00

G36 130rds mid-cap magazine

CM-M009 10.00

AK47 600 rds wind-up metal magazine

CM-C22 10.00


CM-CM032B 190.00