Colt Python 6in


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Tokyo Marui (Japan)

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Length 290mm
Weight 645g
Barrel Length 143mm
Magazine Capacity 24 (6x4)
Ammo Size 6mm BB
Muzzle Velocity 90m/s
Rounds Per Minute Semi-auto
Battery & Charger * Gas Powered

The biggest and meanest of the Python family. As far as gas revolvers are concerned, this is one of the nicer pieces.
Where most hold only 6 rounds, the Python can hold 24 (4 in each chamber). This is a definitive advantage when in a fire fight. Take a hard look at this sidearm, if revolvers are your weapon of choice. We think you will be very pleased with this replica.

Real Steel

Type: Double Action
Chamber: .357 Magnum
Weight unloaded: ca. 1100 g (with 4 in barrel)
Length: 240 mm (with 4 in barrel)
Barrel length: 2.5, 4, 6 or 8 inches (64, 102, 153 or 203 mm)
Capacity: 6 rounds


The "Python" revolver was introduced by Colt company (USA) in 1955. It was awailable in different barrel lenghts, suitable for self-defence (2.5 and 4 in barels), service (4 and 6 in barrels), hunting and target shooting (4 - 8 in variants). Early "Pythons", especailly those without letters in the serial numbers (made from 1955 until mid-1960's) were indeed very accurate guns, often compared to Manurhin MR-73's or SIG P210's. Some time ago Colt discontinued the "Python" series in favor of the more modern "Kingcobra" revolver.

All Pythons were double-action, swing-out cylinder revolvers. Sights: blade post fron sight with polymer insert; rear sights with removable sight blade are screw ajustable for both windage and elevation. Barrel is screwed into the frame and featured vented upper rib and full-lenght bottom rib that houses full lenght extractor rod. Internal safety consist of Colt's patented transfer bar and cylinder stop (fixes cylinder when hammer is cocked).


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Additional Info
Manufacturer Tokyo Marui (Japan)
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