AAC T10 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle FDE


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Action Army (Taiwan)

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This has to be one of the most awaited releases from Action Army to date!

Action Army have long been known for the quality of their upgrade parts, starting with the VSR. So when it came time for them to make their own rifle, they stuck with what they know best, the VSR. Here we have a VSR clone from Action Army parts and then dropped into a svelt custom-made body. It kinda looks like the Tokyo Marui M40 but with the added bonus of already having half the upgrades done internally. Want to upgrade it further? Easy! It's a VSR so upgrade whatever you want internally!!!

While it looks like a huge mag on the underside, this is infact a clever replica. The 50rd AAC VSR magazine fits in exactly as you'd expect from any other VSR, with one huge added bonus. That replica magazine can hold another VSR magazine inside!

430mm x 6.03 Inner Barrel (Option to fit a longer barrel through the end cap or swap out for the Action Army Suppressor Adaptor for the G-Spec)
One Piece Upper Receiver
90 Degree Trigger and Piston
50rd AAC VSR Magazine
Standard VSR Hop Adjust arm at the side of the outer barrel
Spare magazine storage in the fake magazine!
Dual Sided QD Sling Points
Large Charging Handle
Nylon Reinforced Stock
Adjustable Cheek Rest
Ergonomic Grip
Custom side/underside mounting system for future products like rail pieces
Movable Sling/Bi-Pod Stud
Fully compatible with ALL VSR upgrades!

Material : Aluminum
System : Bolt action
Mag: 50R
(Single Shot Bolt Action)
Velocity : 300fps
Hop up : Adjustable
Overall Length : 1078mm
Weight : 2840g
Body :Nylon / Fiber

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