AK Sound Control Dual Magazine w/charger (1200 Rounds)

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MIC (China)

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1200rd Capacity in Dual Magazine.
Solid & Rigid Construction.
Sound activated auto winding.
The electric motor is operated by a very small button on the left magazine.
3 Modes: constant winding for first loading / Off / sound control.
Powered by a rechargeable 5.8V battery, comes with 220V only battery charger.(EU 2 round pin plug)
Continuous 1200 Rds of capacity is surpass cover fire for most competition & skirmish airsoft game.
A great option to holding a lot of rounds without a big bulky box or drum magazine.
Suitable for 6mm Plastic Bullet only.

Note: Do not charge this battery for any longer than 2 hours.


Color - Black
Weight - 480g
Built Material - ABS polymer
Gun suitable - AK Series AEG
Bullet type - 6mm plastic bullet

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Κατασκευαστής MIC (China)
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