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Snow Wolf (China)

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BARRET M107 sniper rifle replica, made almost entirely from metal (with the exception of pistol grip and some small elements). Few parts like bipod are made from steel for improved durability.

On the top of receiver there is a long 560mm RIS rail allowing installation of additional accessories. The set includes folding iron sights and transport handle.

Inside there is a standard V2 gearbox, meaning the replica can be upgraded just like any other V2 replica.

The replica can be instantly disassembled by removing one pin - just like in the real firearm. It comes handy especially during transport.

The set includes:



-transport handle


Manufacturer: Snow Wolf
Velocity [FPS]: ~ 380
Propulsion: Electric propulsion
Gearbox version:v2 Gearbox
Type of fire: Single, auto
Lenght [mm]: 1470mm
Material: metal + tworzywo sztuczne
Weight [g]: 6360
Magazine type: Hi-Cap magazine
Hop-Up: Yes, adjustable
Inner barrel length [mm]:650


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