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Cyma (China)

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A high quality replica of the sniper rifle made by the CM company. In order to make the replica the enriched aluminum, steel and wood were used. The outer barrel and the front iron sight’s base, the recoil compensator, the rear iron sight and the replica’s body were made of aluminum while the flap, the magazine and most of the minor elements were made of steel ( this includes the firing mode selector lever ), this also applies to the stock’s foot. The stock itself, just like the front-grip, was made of high-quality polymer. Additionally, it is equipped with a comfortable cheek-pad.

The outer make is characteristic for the replica of the Russian constructions – the looks of the outer elements is rather raw. The replica’s body is equipped with a scope mount which allows to attach, for example the PSO-1.

The replica was equipped with a special gearbox construction introduced by the RS that is equipped with reinforced internals and allows the mount of a M120 main spring which thanks to the good sealing of the whole systems generates the muzzle velocity of about ~450 FPS. Thanks to the application of steel thread-wheels, the reinforcement of the piston with the use of two steel teeth and the application of the reinforced directional piston head and the ball bearing spring guide the replica is extremely well prepared to be power tuned up.
The replica was also equipped with a steel Hop-Up chamber. The good sealing of the whole system and the perfect operation of the HU system allowed to gain a high shot repeatability and precision that is stimulated by the application of a 690mm long inner barrel.

Velocity [FPS]: ~ 450
Gearbox version:Special Gearbox
Type of fire:Single
Made of:Metal + plastic
Lenght [mm]:838 / 1090
Inner barrel length [mm]:690
Battery included:Ni-MH
Magazine type: Hi-Cap magazine
Magazine capacity [pcs]:120
Hop-Up: Yes, adjustable
Blow Back:No

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